How to get to cat Island. Ainoshima Island.

About Ainoshima Island

Ainoshima Island in Shingu town close to Fukuoka city.

Ainoshima Island is getting famous for the world.

Don't you know why?

Ainoshima Island is one of cat Island in the world.

According to the CNN.

They said Ainoshima Island is a worlds 6th cats Island.

CNN the world 6th cat Island.


Ainoshima Island is going to be famous at the moment.

Tourists are visiting Ainoshima Island from other countries.

During a weekends, a lot of Japanese cat lover are visiting Ainoshima Island.

And on weekdays, a lot of foreign tourists are visiting Ainoshima Island.

Ferry going around Ainoshima Island about 6 times in a day(day trip for 5 times in a day).

Places to eat

There are some Japanese restaurant and cafe in Ainoshima Island.

My favorite restaurant is "Maruyama shokudo(shokudo means restaurant)"

Same house in Tourist information.

Closed on Wednesday and fourth week on Tuesday will be close.

You could eat Sashimi, udon, some of set menu.

See attached pics.

Highly recommend is "Sashimi-teishoku(teishoku means Set menu).

Seasonal sashimi and Steamed seafood rice. Left side.

Popular menu is "Kaisen-champon(Seafood ramen). Right side.

And one is "Shima cafe Ainoshima(Shima means Island)"

Also same house in Tourist information on 2nd floor.

You could eat "Hijikoro hamburger(seaweed)" and "Curry rice".

Almost open.

There are other Restaurant in Ainoshima Island.

Sushi restaurant and some cafe(Open maybe around Summer time and weekend).

Ainoshima Island Tourist information.

Tourist information.

Ainoshima tourist information 1st floor.

Same house with Maruyama shokudo restaurant and Shima cafe Ainoshima.

You can rent a bike.

They have 2 kinds of bike.

One is Electric bike(Just a little expensive but Ainoshima Island has gotta hills. So easy to go around).

and the other is normal bike.

If you want to rent a bike, feel free to ask for staff.

And Tourist information is selling some cats items.

eg, hand towel, mirror, cat dolls.

My cat post cards are on sale in Tourist information. And my cat pics are display outside and inside of Tourist information.

Good for souvenir.

Left: Postcards photo by Kenichi Morinaga. Instagram @morikencatphoto

Mid: Cat pics display in Tourist information.

Right: Suits case sticker.

How to getting there and away

There are 3 ways to get to Ainoshima Island.

Route 1 Get to Ferry port by car.

Route 2 Get to Ferry port by Subway and Bus(or walk to ferry port)

Route 3 Get to Ferry port by JR and Bus.

Route 1 Get to Ferry port by car.

Set the pin code Shingu fishing ferry port(新宮漁港しんぐうぎょこうon your car navigation.

Pin code "PC9F+4R"新宮町、福岡県

Address in Japanese 福岡県糟屋郡新宮町湊436

(Pin code and address from google map)

From Hakata to Shingu ferry port about 40mins(It will be change by traffic jam).

Car parking. Next to Shingu ferry port 300JPY for one day.

Notice: Ferry time table below Route 3

Route 2 Get to Ferry port by Subway and Bus(or walk to ferry port).

Take a Subway Kuko Line(地下鉄空港線) to Nakasu-kawabata station(中洲川端駅).

You must transfer to Subway Hakozaki Line(箱崎線).

Head for Kaizuka station(貝塚駅).

Nakasu-kawabata station to Kaizuka station(中洲川端駅 to 貝塚駅) 260JPY ※March 2019

Then transfer to Nishitetsu Kaizuka Line(西鉄貝塚線).

Nishitetsu Kaizuka station is just opposite from Subway Kaizuka station exit gate.

You can easy to find it.

Go to Nishitetu Shingu terminal station(西鉄新宮駅) 270JPY ※March 2019

You can catch the Bus to Ferry port. 100JPY 260JPY ※March 2019

But I am sorry I don't know the time table.

or you can walk to Ferry port. I guess it will about 20 to 30 mins.

Notice: Ferry time table below Route 3

Route 3 Get to Ferry port by JR and Bus.

I alway use this route from Hakata station.

Take JR Kagoshima Line head to Fukkodai-mae station(福工大前駅).

Train head for Kokura(小倉方面).

You can take local train or express train(It will take about 17 mins by express. 25mins by local train.)

Hakata station to Fukkodai mae station 280JPY ※March 2019

Left: Get off at Fukkkodai-mae station(ふっこうだいまえ).

Right: Around the gate. Going down to outside.

There is a bus depot in front of the Fukkodai-mae station.

The bus name is Marinks(まりんくす).

And there is a convenience store(こんびに) in 1st floor.

If you catch a bust to ferry port, there is no convenience store anymore.

See pics. Bus depot sign, Time table and convenience store(こんびに).

Don't miss this orange bus.

This bus head for Shingu ferry port(新宮漁港(しんぐうぎょこう)).

And ask a driver.

It will takes about 15mins to Ferry port.

Orange bus head for Shingu ferry port( しんぐうぎょこう)

You must buy ferry ticket at Ferry port office.

You will buy ferry ticket by vendor(券売機(Kenbaiki)(けんばいき)).

There is a rest room.Coin locker.

Inside of Shingu ferry port

Ferry ticket vendor 券売機(券売機(Kenbaiki)(けんばいき)).

You have to buy only one way ticket.

You have to buy return ticket in Ainoshim Island.

Ticket vendor


You must keep one way ticket until you will arrive and get off the ferry.

You have to give a ticket to staff who is standing in front of the gate.

One way ticket.

Get on ferry.

Inside of ferry.

There is a deck seat on 2nd floor. You can go to deck. But It depends on the weather.

相島 Ainoshima Island.


You must keep one way ticket until you will arrive and get off the ferry.

You have to give a ticket to staff who is standing in front of the gate.

You have to give a ticket to staff when you are enter to Ainoshima Island.

Getting away

You must buy return ticket at ferry port office.

It is next to Tourist office and Maruyama shokudo restaurant.

There is a clean rest room inside of ferry port office.

And fully air condition.

Ferry port office and Tourist information.

There are 3 rest rooms in Ainoshima Island.

And one daily shop(closed on Tuesday).


You must give ferry ticket for staff when you will aboard to ferry .

How to go back to the station.

There is a bus depot out side of Ferry port office.

Easy to go back to Nishitetsu-Shingu station and JR Fukkodai-mae station.

See time table.

Bus is connecting with ferry.

So Just wait on the line until bus comes the ferry port.

Route 1 Time table.

You must check the route number.

Usually Route 1 head for Nishitetsu-Shingu station is waiting at parking in front side.

Orange colour is Route 1. 

Route 2 head for JR Fukkodai-mae station. The bus is coming about 5-10mins later than route 1.

Parking is back side.

Have a good time in Ainoshima Island.

Thank you.

Kenichi Morinaga.

Please follow my Instagram @morikencatphoto

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