How to get to Cat Island Yushima Island in Kumamoto.


Yushima Island in Kamiamakusa part of Kumamoto.

Yushima Island is getting popular in Japan.

This Island is very local place.

But there are some ryokan(Japanese hotel) and Japanese restaurant in Yushima Island.

And Yushima Island's cats are loving for people.

When I was taking cat away from cat about 30m but cats are want to play with me.

Cats were running to me and play.

If I was sitting on ground.

Cats were got on my knee and shoulder.

It is difficult to take picture but if you want to play with cats, you will have big moment in Yushima Island.

Big welcome cat.

There is heart shape tree in Yushima Island.

There is on Ryokan(Japanese hotel) and 2 Japanese restaurant(It calls Shokudo食堂 in Japanese).

And One cafe(cafe will be open during weekends).

Japanese restaurant(南風泊)はえどまり Haedomari.

If you want to eat lunch in Haedomari. You had better to make phone to restaurant.

They will prepare for fresh sashimi in advance.

The old lady is working in Haedomari, She likes to talk to traveller.

You will listen about Yushima Island and have fun.

I am sorry I did not take picture about other restaurant.

I just took foods photos.

This is 「食堂 海海女ちゃん食堂乙姫屋」」(あまちゃんしょくどうおとひめや)

Amachan shokkudo otohime-ya.

They will serve seasonal foods in Yushima and fresh sashimi.

And You would eat Yushima's popular food, Yushima white radish steak .

This white radish is quite big and so sweet.

And you could wear big cat mask in 海女ちゃん食堂乙姫屋.

Left: Japanese big history. It happened Shimabara no ran. Shimabara war.

Leader had visited in Yushima and discuss about war.

Right: There is a sign board where there are cats in Yushima Island.

Anyway I will teach you How to get to Yushima Island.

There are 2 ways to get to Yushima Island.

But I am sorry I have not used both ways.

So this is about the ways from Kumamoto city.

Actually I am going to Yushima Island from Hakata in Fukuoka.

How to get to 湯島 Yushima Island.

Common information head for Yushima Island by ferry.

One way for 600JPY(March in 2019)

You have to pay(buy) ferry ticket in ferry.

You can not buy ferry ticket in advance.

One way ferry trip around 18mins.

Route 1

Head for 江樋戸港 Ehido(Ebido) ferry port directly.

Address Postal code 869-3602 熊本県上天草市大矢野町上625−3

Map pin code HCJ8+Q9 上天草市、熊本県

※From Google Map.

Then Ferry to Yushima Island.

Route 2

You will catch a Bus from Kumamoto city to Kamiamakusa and get off the bus at 上天草さんぱーる Kamiamakusa, Sampa-ru.

It will takes about 90mins.

産交バス Sanko-bus websites. You will find time table. but only Japanese.

You will get off the Bus.

You have to go to seaside.

And head to right side(I mean seaside).

Walk to 江樋戸港 Ehido(Ebido) ferry port about 15mins(from Google map).

上天草さんぱーる(かみあまくさ さんぱーる)

Kami-amakusa san-pa-ru is a fresh fish and vegetable market.

上天草さんぱーる Kami-amakusa-sam-pa-ru Bus depot.

You can buy fresh seafood and fresh vegetable in kamiamakusa-sampa-ru.

And if you need any information about Kamiamakusa and Yushima Island.

Feel free to visit to Information centre.

Ferry port waiting point.

Don't forget. You will have to get ferry ticket in ferry.

Aboard to ferry from front side.

Some times tide to Yushima Island.

Arrived in Yushima Island.

Check this websites about time table and ferry fee.

上天草市 Kami-amakusa city websites.

Hopefully you will see this kind of landscape.

And there is one more way to Yushima Island.

Take a train from Kumamoto station to 三角駅(Misumi station).

Then catch a Bus to さんぱーる Kami-amakusa sampa-ru.

However Information centre staff does not know there is a connection to there.

Highly recommend way is catch a bus from Kumamoto station to Kami-amakusa-sanpa-ru.

This is a best way to yushima Island.

I hope you will have a good time in Yushima Island.

And I have a websites about Yushima Island cats.

See websites.

Also there is a instagram.

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